Erika Berg is a recent Virtual High School graduate. She completed her final high school course with VHS in August and is now studying history at the prestigious University of Oxford in the UK. Living in Spain, Erika didn’t know what it would be like to study an online curriculum. She’s now glad she gave it a chance:

“Virtual High School has helped me very much; my essay writing has improved greatly, my critical thinking is deeper, and I like to think that my perspectives about the world and current issues have broadened. I learned very much thanks to the in-depth content of the courses and also thanks to [VHS’s] outstanding teachers.”

As a full-time student, Erika had many interactions with our guidance team throughout her studies. They supported her through academic processes such as course selection and tracking her diploma progress.

“[The VHS] guidance team was always very helpful as well. I would have been completely lost without the help of Jenna Drennan and Erin Fielder.”

While she studies at Oxford part time, Erika is also completing an internship with a real estate agency. She wants to work in a library, become an editor, and/or teach online one day.

“I honestly believe that I would not have pursued these educational and career goals had it not been for Virtual High School.”

Erika exemplifies important characteristics that are valuable to any student. Her work ethic and openness to new methods of learning are serving her well in university. We look forward to following Erika’s progress and wish her all the best in her current and future endeavours.