We’d like you to meet Jess Wylie, a grade 10 student who is taking courses with VHS, while attending a private school in Whitby full-time. She has recently developed a passion for school and can’t wait to head off to university where she looks forward to being more independent! For now, she keeps busy with rowing, volleyball, creating art, and spending time with her two dogs and her family.

sport-999614_640Jess earned her BBI2O credit with VHS. She first came to VHS when she was looking for one more elective to contribute to her diploma, and business was the perfect course. As Jess says here, “My friends and I are always talking about how we never learn how credit works, how taxes work, or what ADR is, so I thought taking this course online would be very helpful. I enjoyed taking this course because of the knowledge it gave me for my future.”

Jess enjoyed BBI2O so much that she is now taking her second course, HRT3M, with VHS. World Religions (HRT3M) is a topic that Jess is very interested in, and she feels the course will benefit her as she pursues architecture at university – understanding cultures and societies is important when designing infrastructure.

VHS has provided meaningful enrichment in supplementing Jess’s education, and she comments that the process has been enjoyable as well:

I have loved being a student with Virtual High School and can’t wait to continue taking courses that I find interesting. Their website has always been very user-friendly, and they let you work at your own pace. All the teachers are very open and approachable. I would highly recommend VHS for an online education option!

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jess!