Meet Paul Wan! Paul is a former Virtual High School (VHS) student who took several courses with us to earn his Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Today, Paul attends Western University, and VHS is thrilled to have been able to help him achieve this! We asked Paul to talk about his experiences with VHS. Here is his story:

I have been with Virtual High School for 2 years, and in my opinion both the teachers and courses are very good and easily comparable to any reputable traditional high schools. By doing well at VHS, I got into Western University with my desire to pursue a biology major. Over the past two years, I have learned to be more responsible and independent whether at study or at work. Studying at VHS made it seem as though I was already attending a university because I had to go through lectures and notes all by myself through the school’s website. Such flexibility allows me to prioritize my works at different time and to study the various subjects at my own pace. I can manage my own schedule instead of following the rigid learning structure of traditional high schools. These skills have allowed me to volunteer my free time to work in the Accident and Emergency Department of a hospital in my hometown where I have learned practical skills such as typing hospital documents and helping patients. All in all, I enjoyed my learning with VHS during past two years. I would recommend VHS to any students who are looking for flexible learning.

Virtual High School prepares students for university by providing an environment in which self-driven education is the norm, as is the case in universities. VHS’s flexibility allows students to partake in other activities that may conflict with regular school hours. For Paul, this meant volunteering, but we also have athletes, actors, and musicians who need  flexibility in their education. Our many students simply want the flexibility that self-directed learning affords them when they enroll in VHS courses! Learn more about how VHS works here.