Photo by Martin Block, Toronto.

cv-responsibilityMeet Andrew Yin, a grade twelve student from Toronto, Ontario. Andrew’s childhood was spent moving back and forth between China and Canada. His most recent move brought him back to Toronto where he has been since the second semester of grade 9. His dream after high school is to attend a post-secondary school with the goal of becoming an architect.

Andrew is also particularly passionate about history.  He received the Beaverbrook Vimy Prize in 2016 which provided him the opportunity to travel through Europe this past summer to learn more about Canadian, French, and British war efforts during both world wars. During the trip, Andrew visited London, Ypres, and Northern France.

Andrew also participated in the Explore program in Quebec this year. This five-week adventure of learning, friendship, and discovery tremendously improved his French, a language that he hopes to be fluent in one day.

Andrew is enrolled in Virtual High School to earn credits that he is missing from his transition to Canada in grade 9. His goal is to graduate with his classmates in 2017. Andrew says that “Virtual High School is one of the only options that will allow me to graduate by the end of this school year. I am currently taking the CHI4U course with Ms. Cooper. I enjoy VHS’s freedom in terms of timing.”

Virtual High School is also helping Andrew improve his skills in time management and self-regulation. He knows these skills will be valuable to him in post-secondary school. Once he completes CHI4U, Andrew plans to enroll in another course at VHS so that he can have a spare period in his day school next semester. 

We are excited to be a part of Andrew’s journey, and we wish him all of the best as he plans and designs his future as an architect.