It’s an exciting time of year for Virtual High School students as they accept their offers of admission from post-secondary institutions all over Canada and around the world. Let’s take a look at Lev Rudovskiy’s journey from high school to Toronto Metropolitan University!

Four years ago, Lev took a giant leap in moving to Canada to look for new experiences and a more balanced lifestyle. No stranger to success, Lev is gifted in many areas including sports, academics, and music. Just to give you a taste of his skills, he won the best striker award in a soccer tournament in Russia, achieved top Grade 9 student status at his Vancouver high school, recorded 30 rap tracks, and produced two short movies.

For his final year of high school, Lev chose to attend Kells Academy in Quebec. Virtual High School has been working in partnership with Kells Academy since 2017 to help deliver a pre-university, Grade 12 program as an alternative to the two-year CEGEP requirements in the Quebec education system. Students in the Grade 12 program come from a wide range of backgrounds, many of whom are international students who have successfully gained admission to universities across the globe:

“The Grade 12 program at Kells Academy has been the best academic experience I have had in years. I have never been a particularly great student because the material that pupils learn in high school is not as engaging as it could be. Virtual High School has provided me with some very interesting course content and room for thought in almost all assignments.”

In working with both Kells Academy and Virtual High School, Lev has been able to create a schedule that affords him the opportunity to pursue all of his hobbies. He completes his coursework during the mornings and has his afternoons off to play soccer and basketball or work out with his friends. He also has a whole host of creative activities that he likes to do, such as filming, recording music, editing videos, and drawing. This routine has helped him to achieve that balanced lifestyle he was looking for when he first moved to Canada:

“I believe that over the past nine months I have become more organized and efficient when it comes to academic work.”

This dedication to his schooling, along with having his father as a role model to encourage consistent effort in both work and relationships, has made Lev quite well-rounded in the academic world. Through his studies, he has discovered that he enjoys biology, literature, and history. His favourite courses that he has taken with VHS have been Challenge and Change in Society (HSB4U) and History (CHY4U):

“Both subjects concentrate on thought-provoking topics that are worth one’s time and efforts. Analyzing interconnectedness between different eras and tendencies is gripping.”

As a result of his determination and passion for the musical arts, Lev was accepted into Toronto Metropolitan University’s brand-new Creative Industries program. This program has been designed to encompass skills in the areas of communication, media, entertainment, and the arts. Students get to work with industry experts to build out their ideas for anything from films to video games to recording music. They even have the opportunity to be placed in an internship in their chosen field to gain some invaluable practical experience:

“I chose the Creative Industries program because it correlates with my talents and ambitions. I hope to further develop the skills I have and learn something new.”

During the summer, Lev hopes to relax and enjoy time with his friends before jumping feet first into what will undoubtedly be a busy university experience. Over the next year, Lev plans to record a full-length conceptual rap album and produce a short movie. We can’t wait to be first in line to purchase tickets for this budding artist’s first concert one day in the near future!