At Virtual High School, we love to celebrate the talents and accomplishments of our amazing student community. That’s why we’re so excited to share Mohammadamin Tabari Nia’s story, which will showcase how this bright, young man was able to earn a University of Toronto scholarship worth $100,000!

Originally from Iran, Mohammadamin moved to Canada on his own to pursue his education when he was just 15 years old. Although he had to take on some big responsibilities with a move like this, Mohammadamin still found the time and energy to have fun like other students his age. He loves to play cover songs on his guitar, basketball with his friends, and chess to challenge himself. When he isn’t spending time with friends outside or travelling, he enjoys reading biographies about famous people from history and listening to podcasts.

With a strong family support system behind him in Iran, Mohammadamin was confident in his decision to chase his dream of becoming a brain surgeon in a faraway country. In fact, he credits his father as his source of inspiration and motivation:

“I admire his personality, ambition, effort, behaviour, determination, and how he manages to hold everything in balance, even in hard situations. He has always been a guiding light in my life, imparting valuable life lessons and instilling in me a strong work ethic and positive attitude toward life.”

With those values in mind, it’s no wonder that Mohammadamin was able to achieve such success throughout his high school years at Kells Academy in Quebec. Virtual High School has been working in partnership with Kells Academy since 2017 to help deliver a pre-university, Grade 12 program as an alternative to the two-year CEGEP requirements in the Quebec education system. Having access to academic support at Kells and course content at VHS helped Mohammadamin maintain his stellar grades for his university applications:

“Taking courses through Kells Academy and Virtual High School has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. First and foremost, the ability to focus on courses that genuinely interest me has been a game-changer. I am able to explore a wide range of subjects that I am passionate about and will prove extremely beneficial in my future career. Additionally, the personalized attention and support from my teachers have been invaluable in helping me excel in my studies.”

After completing his final few Grade 12 courses at VHS, Mohammadamin will graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and take up his place at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. In the Life Sciences program, he will get to sample a wide range of courses such as neurophysiology, molecular biology, and genetics. With a focus on hands-on experience in laboratory courses and independent research projects, Mohammadamin is keen to start exploring the field of health care:

“As an aspiring scientist, I was drawn to the opportunity to learn from world-renowned faculty members who are experts in their respective areas of study. I am excited to be part of such a dynamic and innovative community and to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the future.”

Gaining acceptance to his program of choice was a proud moment for Mohammadamin, but earning the International Scholar Award from the University of Toronto was the icing on the cake. Granted on the basis of academic merit, the International Scholar Award is valued at $100,000 over the course of 4 years of full-time studies:

“This accomplishment represents the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and passion for the field of science. Not only does this scholarship provide a significant financial boost toward my academic pursuits, but it also serves as a recognition of my academic achievements and potential for future success.”

The world can always use more doctors, and we’re proud to get to be a small part of this future doctor’s first steps toward his dream.