Looking for your new summer jam? Check out Sophie Luborsky’s debut single “Lonely Army” under her artist name Sophie Powers!

Sophie’s punk-influenced pop ballad provides an unfiltered look at the feelings of isolation and helplessness that she has experienced throughout the last year. While recording an album in Los Angeles, California from September 2020 to January 2021, Sophie found herself using her musical talent as an outlet to channel all of her frustrations as a young adult living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Back living in Toronto now, Sophie can’t wait until she’s able to return to the studio to finish up what we’re confident will be a stunning first album of many to come.

With such a powerful set of vocals, it’s hard to believe that Sophie is only 16 years old! She grew up participating in musical theatre and television acting, but she also loves soccer, ski racing, volleyball, and basketball. Her other hobbies include drawing, watching anime, fashion design, and interior design. However, her passions for music and acting are clearly frontrunners as she gets older.

As a result of her need to balance her education with her exciting acting and recording responsibilities, Sophie turned to Virtual High School:

“I enrolled at VHS because I was travelling and working very often. Acting in Vancouver for 3 months or recording music in L.A. for 4.5 months doesn’t make in-person school very logical. With my busy schedule and work-life situation, online school made more sense.”

Now a full-time Grade 11 student, Sophie has found that VHS fits well with her lifestyle since she’s able to work on her courses at any time of the day or night:

“The work is easily accessible, and I can work from almost anywhere. In-person schooling isn’t meant to be taught solely through the computer. Online school is, which is why it’s been great for me. The teachers are very much real, unlike I thought they’d be when I started online school, and have been very helpful along my high school journey with quick assessment feedback and kind emails.”

As a creative person, Sophie has discovered that she enjoys her English and media studies courses the most. She gravitates toward writing as a result of her experience with composing lyrics for her songs, but she also prefers the visual learning aspect of studying media. Sophie’s vast range of interests and talents leaves her future career options wide open, but she’s positive that she wants to pursue an occupation in the arts.

One thing that will never change no matter how successful Sophie becomes in the world of music is her devotion to her family. She is particularly proud of her younger siblings (they’re triplets!) and shares a close bond with each of them. Sophie also describes her mom as her role model:

“She has 4 kids and is the most hard-working person I know. I understand that may sound cliché, but I truly don’t look up to anyone as much as her and my grandma. I even used my mom’s last name as my artist name for music.”

Her wonderful singing voice and dedication to her work will undoubtedly carry her far in the business, but it’s her grounded nature and humble approach to her success that truly make her exceptional in our eyes. We’re some of Sophie’s biggest fans, and we are so honoured to be in the presence of a certified pop star!