Meet Ericka Lugtu, one of our grade 12 students, moved from Alberta to Ontario and enrolled at VHS. Since the curriculum in Alberta differs from that of Ontario, Ericka thought that online, self-paced learning would be the best option for her. This plan would give her the necessary time to adjust to the new curriculum. Her grades are really important to her as she is pursuing post-secondary education at the University of Alberta in Engineering. Acceptance is extremely competitive in such programs, hence the need for excellent marks. VHS was the right choice for her because the school’s model allows her spend the time she needs to learn the material, all while working towards her dream of becoming an engineer.

While completing grade 12, Ericka is also working full-time. Upon receiving the job offer, Ericka knew that it was in her best interest to accept it, but she also knew that she had to finish high school. Her friend recommended Virtual High School – “Without any hesitation, I enrolled. I am now currently taking two courses with VHS: MHF4U and MCV4U. Juggling school and work is not as hard as it would have been had I chosen the traditional school setting, thanks to VHS,” Ericka says.

Thanks for sharing your story, Ericka!