Yoav Eldan is no stranger to the natural beauty all over the world. Born in Spain, Yoav has already lived in several countries throughout his young life as a result of his father’s former position as the Consul General of Israel. In fact, Yoav spent a great deal of his childhood living in China where his dad was employed. After his dad’s retirement, Yoav’s family moved to Ecuador to start an organic banana farm!

Through all of his adjustments to new homes, cities, and schools, Yoav has looked up to his parents as his role models. He knows that everything they do is meant to help him succeed in his future, and he does not take their support for granted. Their unwavering dedication to their son has instilled a level of confidence and determination in Yoav that will see him through all of the trials and joys that life has to offer.

Next on Yoav’s bucket list of travel adventures? Canada! When Yoav found that the education options in his hometown were not the best fit for his international goals, he turned to Virtual High School:

“I wish to move to Canada when I get older and do my post-secondary education there. Luckily, I found VHS which has an amazing education level.”

Now a full-time Grade 10 student at VHS, Yoav has found that he is particularly interested in business. He enjoys learning about real-life scenarios and the practical applications that a business-based pathway could have for his future career. A marvellously talented student, Yoav is proud of his ability to maintain stellar grades through his high personal standards and work ethic. With commitment like that, there is no doubt that he will achieve his dream of attending a university in Canada in a few, short years!

In addition to the advantages that an Ontario Secondary School Diploma can offer Yoav, he is pleased with the perks that VHS provides with its asynchronous format:

“The flexibility allows me to study and still enjoy my life doing the things that I like. Now I am able to get better and better in motocross, and I am able to take up new hobbies that I wasn’t able to before.”

With a flexible school schedule, Yoav is able to pursue a whole host of activities in his spare time. He loves sports, so he’s a regular at the tennis courts and gym in his neighbourhood. However, his first love will always be motocross. Yoav tries to ride his dirt bike every day, whether it’s just a quick trip around the block, on the track, or up in the Ecuadorian mountains.

Yoav applies his exemplary work ethic to everything he does, including his hobbies. He lives by a motto of not letting fear control him and always getting back up after being knocked down:

“I have gotten in a few crashes while trying to hit jumps on my dirt bike, and one of them left me quite scared of getting back on the dirt bike. It made me lose confidence in my abilities and skill. It took a few months, but I did not give up. I worked through building my confidence in the bike and myself and was able to hit the jump after months of practice.”

At Virtual High School, we can’t help but admire this young man’s perseverance and ambition. Yoav’s passion for life is absolutely contagious and we’re so thrilled to be able to share his enthusiasm with the VHS student community.