Virtual High School students now have an exciting opportunity to try out a new product being piloted in our SBI3U, Grade 11 Biology course! SBI3U now uses Brightspace’s adaptive learning platform, LeaP. In essence, LeaP, which stands for Learning Pathway, creates a personalized learning experience by providing optimal learning pathways that are tailored for each student.

VHS’s pilot of SBI3U LeaP launched on June 15, and VHS is looking for students to try it out!

What is LeaP?

The SBI3U LeaP course provides the same content, assessments and tools as the regular SBI3U course at VHS; however, this course has adaptive Learning Pathways (LeaPs) within it. LeaP’s multiple choice quizzes indicate how well students understand course concepts. The program then adapts content to create personalized pathways based on students’ answers. This personalized approach to instruction helps ensure that students never leave a section of the course without feeling that they fully understand the content.

What is the course like?

The LeaPs that are located throughout the course will be clearly presented for students. These LeaPs will provide students with questions based on the content of the module where the LeaP is located. Units 1, 3, and 5 will have LeaPs at the end of each module. The questions in these LeaPs will test student understanding of the module and will open up additional material for students to work through. This extension of the learning is based on the students’ LeaP quiz results. LeaPs are placed before the unit tests in units 2 and 4. These particular LeaP quizzes will help the student review the material from the entire unit, ensuring a solid understanding prior to writing the unit test. New material will be available for review before taking the unit test, based on how the student does on the LeaP quiz.

Why try it out?

First, LeaP will help students target their learning and improve results in the course. Participating students will have the opportunity to be the first to try out LeaP. By taking part in this exciting new method, participants will see how the adaptive learning engine supports their learning. Feedback gathered from students will help shape how future courses develop at VHS.

If you have any questions about the SBI3U LeaP pilot and/or would like to get started, contact us by phone or email at the VHS office. Don’t, jump! LeaP to it!

  • Jackie Loebach

    LeaP totally rocks!!