Meet William Wallace, a new teacher at VHS who is currently teaching ENG4U, ENG1D, and EMS3O. Though Mr. Wallace is a recent addition to our teaching team, he has been teaching high school students for just shy of 15 years. He has taught with both the Toronto and Peel District School Boards. He primarily teaches English; however, he has also had the privilege of teaching courses as diverse as Literature Studies, Journalism, Media Studies, and Web Design. “Teaching online for the first time in 2014 was an awakening,” Mr. Wallace says, “as it combined my passion for technology with my interest in re-imagining what education can be.” With the Toronto District School Board, Mr. Wallace was involved in numerous pilot and mentoring projects, ushering in new technologies while helping others get their footing. Whether it was establishing an “iPads in the Classroom” program, assisting in the wide-scale adoption of a learning management system to help teachers bring their classes online, or teaching colleagues how to use a software scoring system, Mr. Wallace has always been an enthusiastic early adopter of technology platforms. His passion for combining education and technology is part of what makes him such a fantastic fit for VHS!

Mr. Wallace describes himself as an “obsessive reader,” often reading two or three nonfiction books at a time. “I also read an embarrassing amount of long-form journalism, and as many books on practical ethics and food politics as I can,” Mr. Wallace says. His collection of poetry books numbers in the hundreds, and he has a special interest in both Canadian poets and experimental poetry. He also loves music and plays guitar every day.

Mr. Wallace, his wife, and two daughters.

As a longtime devotee of Henry David Thoreau, Mr. Wallace feels at home in the woods, where he can be found hiking trails and spotting wildlife. Most of all, though, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, who keep him humble, laughing, and on his toes.

Mr. Wallace comments on his experences with VHS: “My experience with VHS has been truly exceptional. The courses are of the highest caliber, the staff are uniformly kind and helpful, and the students are hardworking and committed to excellence. Now and again I have to pinch myself, I feel so lucky.”