Some of Our Tuition Fees Are Changing

On April 1, 2018, some of our tuition fees are changing:

  • Grade 9 tuition is increasing from $449 to $479 per course.
  • Grade 10 tuition is decreasing from $499 to $479 per course – Actually, it already has! Enroll at this lower rate today.
  • Grade 11 tuition is increasing from $549 to $579.
  • Grade 12 tuition is not changing and will remain at $579 per course.

Additionally, Virtual High School will be implementing a separate tuition fee for international students. At Virtual High School, students are considered international students if they are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The international tuition fee will be the Canadian tuition fee + $100 per course.

Register today to take advantage of the lower fees before the adjustments occur!


  1. Course Improvement & Development

We are constantly working to update our courses and add new technologies and features, such as interactive activities and videos that are created in-house. We want to ensure that we are continuing to offer the best online education possible. We are also working to write and develop new courses to expand our offerings.

  1. Offering the Highest Quality Student Support

We recognize how important it is to ensure our students are receiving high quality support throughout their journey with us, so VHS is focused on hiring only the best online teachers and offering robust administrative student support.

  1. Supporting International Students

The fee is increasing for international students to account for the additional administrative attention required and other added costs.

Please note: Since VHS is a private school, all operational costs, new courses, programs, and initiatives are funded by VHS independently.


Current and former students of VHS can take advantage of our limited-time loyalty program that allows them to register for courses at the lower rate until May 31, 2018 (with the exception of grade 10 courses which have already decreased and will remain at the lower rate). This allows VHS’s current and former students to continue taking courses at the lower fee for an extended period after the adjustment occurs.

Who is eligible?

Students who have registered and paid for at least one course prior to April 1, 2018.

How do students take advantage of the loyalty program?

If eligible, students can register in either of the following two ways:

  1. Register online at www.virtualhighschool.com, select “Pay Offline” when the payment step is reached, and call into our office to complete the payment.
  2. Call the office to complete the full registration and payment over the phone.

Students will not be able to pay online at the prior tuition amount after April 1st. Any registration made online will be charged the new tuition amount.

If you have any questions about these tuition changes please email info@virtualhighschool.com or call into the office at 1-866-679-9377.

Please Note:

  • If a current VHS student registers and pays online for a course on or after April 1, 2018, the student will be charged the new tuition rates. VHS will not be able to process any refunds. As a result, any student who would like to take advantage of the loyalty program must call into the office for registration and payment; otherwise, the new rates will apply.
  • The tuition adjustments apply to full-credit courses only. Half-credit courses will remain at $399 each.