Virtual High School is like a traditional, Ontario, bricks and mortar school in many ways.  Like a traditional school, we offer quality high school courses for OSSD credits, and provide our students with administration services like report cards, transcripts, and course counselling.  We pride ourselves on the quality student experience that our teachers provide.

The difference, however, is that unlike many traditional schools, we are  online and flexible and provide each student with a self-driven learning experience. Students can register for a course any day of the year and progress at their own pace, within our 18-month time allowance. VHS courses are fully online and available to students anywhere there is an Internet connection, whether that be in Ontario, internationally, or, yes, even on a sailboat. Because VHS is inspected by the Ministry of Education, we are certified to grant an OSSD credit when a student successfully completes a course. These credits are recognized by universities and colleges worldwide. Our teachers are supportive, qualified individuals who assist students throughout their courses by providing expert feedback and professional grading.

So, how does Virtual High School work?   Check out this video to learn more.

If you’d like to learn more about our courses, visit the courses section our website or speak to our Principal, Stephen Baker.