The increasing visibility of passionate and involved youth in the news is inspiring. Expanding interconnectivity and ever-improving access to information have created the perfect storm for encouraging youth to take a vehement interest in global affairs, social justice, human rights, environmental protections, and politics. Youth are emboldened and determined to make a difference. This world is their world too. Youth recognize their place in this world and their responsibility to usher in a more equitable and sustainable future.

That’s why the new CGW4U World Issues course is so exciting. It is current, it is relevant, and it helps you gear up for the issues of today and tomorrow. The CGW4U content provides you with diverse perspectives for exploring global affairs, and it allows you to practice geographic and critical-thinking skills that are important for success in the 21st century.

So, how did this course happen? In response to these evolving times, World Vision approached Virtual High School expressing interest in partnering on a world issues course that would engage youth. It’s proven to be an excellent partnership.

World Vision has supplemented course material with a wide range of well-documented case studies from different areas of the globe. The World Vision content enables you to explore how real communities and organizations work together through infrastructure, relief, and economic programs to address existing world issues. World Vision has also provided educational videos, images, infographics, and relevant statistics that enhance the CGW4U course content.

The wide range of video content is exciting and engaging. It helps bring the course to life in a meaningful way. You can see how individuals much like yourself can make a difference and how the day-to-day lives of people can be improved through simple, cooperative efforts.

In this course, you will explore the complexities, interconnections, and sociocultural contexts of a variety of important global issues. This course explores the here, the now, and the future. It enables you to analyze issues as real geographers, politicians, social scientists, and demographers would.


This is a sample of a video from CGW4U World Issues: A Geographic Analysis (World Vision).


Throughout the course, you will be posed with critical-thinking questions that help you to explore the positions you hold, deepen your understanding of global issues, and push you to extend your learning beyond the familiar. You will be challenged to find statistical measurements and indicators that are most useful to your investigations, find corresponding data, analyze and evaluate, and draw conclusions.

This course focuses on sustainability and stewardship as you seek out equitable, sustainable, environmental, and reasonable solutions to current and future global issues. You will be challenged to uncover ways that individual citizens, governments, and international organizations can work together to mitigate world issues at both micro and macro levels while framing issues in the context of an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. The course concludes with an in-depth look at human rights issues as you explore the rights of women and children, ethnic and religious conflicts, matters of national security, and agents of change.

If you are passionate about human rights, the environment, global equality, politics, and finding solutions to address disparities, this is the course for you!

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