chi4u_screenshotVirtual High School is delighted to announce the launch of 7 exciting new online courses! These courses round out VHS course offerings to 57 fully online courses now available for immediate student enrollment.

Our newest course offerings include:

  1. CHI4U, History, Identity and Culture, 12, University Preparation
  2. CPW4U, Canadian and World Politics, 12, University Preparation
  3. COOP4O1, E-Cooperative Education, 12, 1 credit
  4. COOP4O2, E-Cooperative Education, 12, 2 credits
  5. SPH4U, Physics, 12 University Preparation
  6. CHC2P, History of Canada Since World War One, 10, Applied Level
  7. MPM1H, Mathematics Transfer, 9, allows students from MFM1P to go to MPM2D

These courses have all been written with a focus on student centered learning. To learn more about these or any of our other courses click on Courses from the top menu bar on this page now. Students may enroll in these newest courses by clicking on Register from the top menu bar on this page and then clicking on the “Register” link opposite the course they wish to register for.