Virtual High School is pleased to announce the launch of the revised edition of College Physics, SPH4C. Our writers and developers have been working on this course for over two years, improving the student experience and adding interactive activities.

SPH4C will develop your understanding of the basic concepts of physics. You will explore concepts like motion, simple machines, electricity, electromagnetic forces, energy transformation, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and the operation of commonly used tools and machines. You will develop your scientific investigation skills as you test the laws of physics and solve problem sets and questions emerging from your labs. You will also consider the impact of technological applications of physics on society and the environment.

SPH4C Image

College physics is a very important prerequisite for many exciting college programs and physics related careers including engineering technician, electrical engineering, robotics, and automation. For help with college and career planning contact guidance1@VirtualHighSchool.com.

To enroll in SPH4C you must complete the prerequisite course, Science, SNC2D or SNC2P.  For more information about enrolling and prerequisites contact Information@VirtualHighSchool.com.