Sarah was overjoyed when she was accepted to the Miss Teen Canada World regional pageant in July. Sarah is only sixteen years old and comes from small town Ontario but she loves sports and volunteering. When she heard that Miss Teen Canada World was centred around both charitable causes and focused young women, she knew she had to apply. Sarah plays hockey, enjoys going to the gym and takes pride in her academics. Recently Sarah began five online courses with VHS which she does on top of her full-time schooling in Petrolia, allowing her to graduate a year early this June. She is hoping to be accepted into Ryerson University to get her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Communication. Sarah also works two jobs as a cosmetician at a local Shoppers Drugmart and a sales associate at American Eagle.

Sarah_HardmanOne of the requirements of the competition is that the delegates have a platform to project to everyone and if they were to win they would promote this platform across Canada for the year they hold the position. Sarah will be promoting the platform of young women’s self esteem as this is an important aspect of every young girl’s life. When girls look at magazines today they often see what think they are suppose to look or act like and Sarah feels that young women need to feel comfortable in just being themselves. Sarah believes that beauty reflects your personality, your smile, and your values. She believes that every girl needs to be loved, taught healthy eating, have positive role models, and to have an active life style. All of these promote high self esteem which is vital in young women’s success in any aspect of their lives.

Sarah feels honoured to be going into the Miss Teen Canada World competition to promote her platform and Virtual High School feels honoured to be able to help Sarah achieve her goal.

About Miss Teen Canada World

The mission of Miss Teen Canada World is to give every Canadian teenage girl the chance to be their own kind of beautiful. Their commitment is to set the highest standards of competition versus other pageant systems. Their goal is to ensure that each Canadian teenage girl has the opportunity to shine, achieve, represent her country and have an active role in her community through the Miss Teen Canada World pageant. For more information, visit: http://www.missteencanadaworld.com/