cv-innovationPolar Expressions Publishing is holding its 11th annual writing contest, and the SHORT STORY deadline is December 5!

Polar Expressions does not charge an entry fee and offers great prizes to students from different grade levels for their short story entries. If your work is selected, it will be published in a collection next spring. No one, regardless of age, can resist the offer to publish, believe us! 

The rules listed at the website are important to note, particularly the information that the stories must be 450 words or less and that the work must be original.

The site also offers some “Topic Ideas,” but remember that uniqueness has its own appeal. Try to take a different angle in your writing, something that intrigues your readers immediately. After all, you have only 450 words in which to make your impression as a brilliant writer.

Last year, we had two students make it on to the second round of judging. If your entry makes the top 3, you will receive special prizes as indicated here:1105516_com_polarexpre

  • a cash prize
  • your story, published in a collection that you will receive at no cost to you
  • other gifts and rewards

Pens and keyboards, ready? Starting writing!

For more details and to enter, visit Polar Expressions Publishing.