English as a Second Language (ESL)

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Cost Comparison Chart

VHS Course - Sample of Possible Activities
School B
$399.00 - $579.00
Two month extension to complete course
Two month extension for special needs student
Submitting assignments by mail instead of electronically
Sending copy of report card/OST to three universities
Processing your community involvement for your OSSD
Not writing your final exam on the scheduled day
Using express exam processing (less than 5 days)
$399.00 - $579.00
$1 023.49

Note to all students considering taking online courses from any provider:

The above data was collected April 2, 2008 in the public domain and is provided here in response to a student who recently asked VHS about our hidden costs as a friend of hers had a negative experience at another school in which she ended up paying a lot more for the online course than she expected.

At VHS, we try our utmost to make sure that all students have a quality experience within their course. We also try to make sure that we do not nickel-and-dime our students for all of the services and products we provide as part of our tuition.

The above chart shows a possible scenario of activities in two online schools. There are other special circumstances in all schools, including VHS, in which additional charges may or may not result as a consequence of an additional product or service.

As you are preparing to take online courses, be sure you shop around carefully to discover all of the hidden costs for your online courses, including at VHS. Tuition costs alone, can be a misleading indicator of total cost as seen by the data above.

caveat emptor

ESLBO - English as a Second Language, Level 2

ENG1P screenshot

This course extends studentsí listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English for everyday and academic purposes. Students will participate in conversations in structured situations on a variety of familiar and new topics; read a variety of texts designed or adapted for English language learners; expand their knowledge of English grammatical structures and sentence patterns; and link English sentences to compose paragraphs. The course also supports studentsí continuing adaptation to the Ontario school system.

Prerequisite: English as a Second Language, Level 1 (Open), ESLAO or equivalent Course Outline Register Now

The Fine Print

Refund Policy: Please note that Virtual High School does not issue refunds. Within hours of enrollment, our administration undertakes many tasks including activating the student account, completing the enrollment, contracting the teacher, establishing electronic/physical files, tracking the enrollment for Ministry purposes, etc. Virtual High School incurs the costs of these many tasks upon enrollment. This initial work is the reason for our no-refund policy. Even if the student does not begin the course, the preliminary work in our office will be completed as we expect the student to complete the course. Due to this, all registrants must think carefully about the courses for which they are registering.

Course Transfer Policy: A student has the option to transfer from one course to another within the first three months of registration. If a student requests a transfer, an administrative fee will be required as the preliminary work will have to be repeated by our staff. A fee of $100 will apply if the student has not completed any of the assessments. A fee of $175 will apply if the student has completed no more than three assessments. Transfers will not be available to a student who has completed more than three assessments or who has not requested a transfer within the three month period. The decision of the VHS Registrar is final in all cases involving refund requests and course transfers.

Student Enrolment Policy: There is no set schedule for the student to complete the course or to complete assignments. The student can start the course within 24 hours of registration and move through the course at his or her own pace. The only restriction placed on the student is that the student must complete the course within 18 months. The student will be unenrolled from the course if he or she takes longer than 18 months to complete the course.

Course Prerequisite Policy: Certain courses require the student to have completed a prerequisite course. While VHS will allow the student to begin the course without providing evidence that the required prerequisite has been completed, it is the student's responsibility to obtain and send us a copy of his or her Ontario Student Transcript (OST), Report Card or Credit Counselling Summary which proves to VHS that he or she has achieved the prerequisite for the course. VHS will not issue the student a midterm or final report or transcript until the student provides evidence that the prerequisite course has been completed. This document may be mailed, faxed, or scanned and attached to an email to Prerequisite@VirtualHighSchool.com.

Conversely, the student may not have completed the prerequisite course. This student may request that the VHS Guidance team waive the course prerequisite requirement. The criteria used by the Guidance team to determine if the prerequisite course is to be waived is the student's maturity and/or education level. If you are a mature student or if you have additional education beyond your high school record, then contact the VHS Guidance team before you register for the course to request that the prerequisite be waived.

Tuition refund policies, course transfer policies, student enrollment policies and course prerequisite policies may be modified at any time at the Virtual High School website. The use of Virtual High School courses indicates that the student accepts these aforementioned policies.

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