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Fast Track Courses

Fast track courses guarantee 24-hour teacher email response times and 2-day assessment grading. They are otherwise identical to the non-fast track version of the course.

Who can take a fast track course?

All students are eligible to take fast track courses provided they meet any prerequisite requirements.

Why would I take a fast track course?

Many students register for fast track courses because they need to meet an approaching deadline. Some students may simply prefer the accelerated workflow of quicker teacher response and assessment turnaround times.

How long does it take to complete a fast track course?

VHS students have 18 months to complete a course. Students work at their own pace within that time limit. Guaranteed 24-hour teacher response times and 2-day assessment turnaround times enable you to work through course material at an accelerated pace, with all the feedback and information you need to succeed.

Will a fast track course appear differently on my transcript?

Fast track courses will not appear any differently on your Ontario Student Transcript (OST) than non-fast track courses.

How do I register for a fast track course?

Go to the Register page and select the "Register" link for the course you would like to take. In Step 2 of the registration process, make sure you have selected the fast track version of the course.

Which courses are available as fast track courses?

Courses with a fast track option are indicated on the Registration page.