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Fast Track Courses

Fast track courses are geared toward students planning to complete courses quickly to meet a deadline. Fast track courses provide the additional support of a two-day turnaround on assessments to help students meet their goals. Quick teacher responses are often preferred by students who are looking to complete a course quickly.

Who is eligible to take a fast track course?

If students meet the prerequisite requirements for a standard course offering, they are eligible to register for the fast track offering of the course.

Fast Track Courses vs. Standard Courses

Features Fast Track Course Standard Course
Premium Course Content
Premium Administrative Support
Free, Online, 24/7 Unlimited Tutoring
2-Day Assessment Feedback
24-Hour Teacher Email Response
Up to 5 Day* Assessment Feedback
Daily Responses to Emails from Teachers

*Most departments' standard course offerings provide feedback and grading within 5 days. A few departments, notably English and Social Sciences, may allow up to 7 days for assessments to be graded in the standard course offering. Teachers will clarify specific expectations when students enrol.

All other components of the course remain the same as in standard course offerings, such as course content, assessments, and administrative support.

Which courses are available as a fast track offering?

Grade 12 Fast Track Course Offerings

  • MHF4U, Advanced Functions, 12, University
  • MCV4U, Calculus and Vectors, 12, University
  • SBI4U, Biology, 12, University
  • SCH4U, Chemistry, 12, University
  • ENG4U, English, 12, University
  • OLC4O, Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, 12, University
  • HFA4U, Nutrition and Health, 12, University
  • BBB4M, International Business Fundamentals, 12, University
  • PSK4U, Introduction to Kinesiology, 12, University

Why would a student complete a fast track course?

Students may choose to register for a fast track course to:

  • Meet university or college admissions deadlines.
  • Complete a prerequisite for an upcoming semester.
  • Achieve goals related to personal timelines.
  • Maximize the use of their time when completing a course.

How long does it take to complete a fast track course?

All Virtual High School courses are completed at the student's chosen pace within VHS's 18-month time limit. Fast track courses simply guarantee 24-hour email response from teachers and 2-day teacher-graded assessment feedback responses to allow the student to progress quickly through the course with all the feedback and information they need to maximize their success.

How will a fast track course appear on the Ontario Student Transcript (OST)?

Fast Track courses consist of all the same material and assessments as any other full-credit course, therefore it will show up on your OST like any other course. These courses accelerate teacher response times so that the student can progress quickly through the course to reach a personally defined completion date.

How does a student register for a fast track course?

Go to the Register page and click on the Register link beside the course you are interested in taking. Ensure that you have selected the fast track version of the course.