Thank you for contacting Virtual High School (VHS) on behalf of your institution to inquire about a potential partnership between our two organizations. VHS is a fully accredited private school inspected by the Ministry of Education (BSID #665681). We issue Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits, and are able to work with individual students as well as schools worldwide to offer a flexible, professional, and innovative avenue by which students can earn their OSSD credits.


  • Courses are written specifically for VHS by professional educators. Each course meticulously follows the standards and curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education in Ontario.
  • Everything in the course is available online and no textbooks are required.
  • For each course, students will be assigned to a certified teacher who will be available through email and instant messaging. The teacher will be responsible for marking all grade items and providing timely quality feedback.
  • All grade items (assignments, quizzes, etc.) are submitted to the student's teacher via the online dropbox.


  • VHS allows students 18 months in which to complete a course.
  • Students may log in and work on their course or courses anytime, any hour of any day at their own pace within the 18 month allowance – no schedules, deadlines or due-dates.
  • Although this is the policy of VHS, a partnering school may decide to create their own schedules, deadlines, or due-dates for students to follow (see: Role of Partnering Institution below).


  • Method 1: Students can be registered online through the secure VHS website: https://www.virtualhighschool.com/credits.asp
  • Method 2: The partnering institution provides all necessary information for each student to VHS. The registrar for VHS will then input all information and enrol each student into their desired courses.
  • Students can begin a course the same day as registering provided the tuition fee has been reconciled.
  • Payment Options:
    • Online via credit card
    • Offline via credit card over the telephone, cheque, money order, bank transfer, or Interac email.
    • Invoicing methods can be arranged between VHS and the partnering institution.
  • VHS has a strict no refund policy. Once a student registers for a course, there will be no refunds awarded under any circumstances. Course switches, however, are possible within the first week of enrollment.


  • Any student earning an OSSD credit must have an Ontario Student Record (OSR).
  • VHS will create an OSR for any registered student who does not already have one at another school, and will request the transfer of any existing OSRs from former schools where applicable.
  • If the intention is to have VHS issue the majority of a student's credits, and ultimately issue the OSSD, then VHS must hold the student's OSR.
  • In the instance that VHS creates an OSR, for an out-of-province, or international student, the partnering institution must provide a form of identification for each student.


  • In the instance that VHS creates an OSR for an out-of-province, or international student looking to earn the OSSD, the partnering institution must provide transcripts showing all secondary school courses and credits earned to date for each student.
  • VHS will assess the transcripts and complete an Equivalent Credit Assessment (ECA) granting credit for any applicable courses completed outside of Ontario.


  • All students working towards their OSSD must complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).
  • VHS can make arrangements with your institution for any student this applies to.


  • VHS will establish and update an OUAC and/or OCAS account for any grade 12 student looking to apply to post-secondary institutions via these services.


  • Written online
  • The student must arrange to have a proctor present at a decided date, place, and time (all chosen by the student) to witness the final exam being written.
  • This proctor must be approved by VHS based on previously established criteria.
  • The proctor will be provided with the password for access to the exam, and will sign the Proctor Memorandum which will be returned to VHS following the exam as a statement that all procedures were followed.
  • A partnering institution may decide to provide an appropriate proctor, and have all students write together at a date, time, and place determined by the school (see: Role of Partnering Institution).


  • VHS will provide an official report card at midterm point.
  • VHS will provide an official report card and Ontario Student Transcript (OST) upon completion of the course.
  • Copies of these reports will be held in the student's OSR, as well as sent directly to the student's home address, and to the partnering institution if required, or any combination thereof.


  • As a form of support, the partnering school may assign teacher supervisors to students working through VHS courses.
  • Each designated supervisor will be provided with a personal username and password, and will be granted "observer" status to any relevant course(s).
  • Teacher supervisors will not be able to manipulate, but will have the ability to view entire courses, and use this as a resource for offering quality guidance to their students.


  • To provide high quality, secondary school courses and services to the partnering institution.
  • To consider the specific needs of the partnering institution, and offer options which are flexible, reasonable, and attainable.
  • To offer an avenue for education that may not otherwise be available and create possibilities!
  • To provide an accessible primary correspondent who will be responsible for answering questions, and offering any necessary support to the partnering institution.


  • To offer an organized support system for students completing courses via VHS.
  • This may or may not entail:
    • providing teacher supervisors to answer questions and offer guidance to students.
    • arranging schedules, deadlines, and due-dates for students in accordance with own needs and vision.
    • arranging classroom settings where students can simultaneously work through course(s) under the guidance of a teacher supervisor.
    • arranging final exams with a proctor selected by the partnering institution and potentially in a classroom setting.
  • To provide a primary contact person as a correspondent between students, the partnering institution and VHS.

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