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Student Support


Upon enrollment in a course at Virtual High School, students are assigned a certified, highly skilled teacher. A student has the same teacher throughout the course and can communicate with them via the VHS email system. The teacher is available to answer questions, provide feedback, and grade assessments. The student's VHS teacher should be the first point of contact for any questions or concerns about the course or course content. Visit the Teacher Spotlight sections of the VHS website to learn more about our teachers.

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Student Academic Support

In addition to providing qualified teachers, all VHS courses in all subject areas include access to free Student Academic Support (SAS). This service is provided by our in-house academic team members who have exclusive access to our course materials so that they can jump into any unit or assessment to see exactly where students need help.

What is Student Academic Support?

Our Student Academic Support service is intended to supplement the detailed feedback that students can expect to receive from their teachers via email. It is designed to provide students with personalized, prompt answers to quick questions they may have about topics in their course content.

Students have access to the SAS service within Virtual High School's secure learning environment. The SAS service is available in two different formats to provide extra flexibility for different learning needs: live chat and Virtual Classroom meetings. Students can use our internal live chat feature to message back and forth with a SAS coach during the hours of operation. Alternatively, students can schedule 20-minute virtual conference meetings with a SAS coach to cover more in-depth questions.

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Pacing Tool

Self paced learning is all about goal setting and time management. To help you develop these skills, we offer the support of the pacing tool. Select a personal deadline and watch the pacing tool generate a schedule for you.