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A Summer School Option

Virtual High School is a perfect choice for any student who wishes to earn a credit during the summer months. Unlike bricks-and-mortar summer schools, VHS students have the freedom to set their own schedule. VHS is open to all students from all school boards. Our courses are open for enrollment year-round and students may register in confidence knowing that a course will not be cancelled.

All students are eligible to take courses with VHS during the summer. Permission from the student's main school of registration is not required. Students taking summer courses will receive a midterm and final report cards just as they would if their studies were taking place during the school year. Copies of report cards are sent to the main school of registration where the course(s) are added to the student�s Ontario Student Transcript (OST), which is held in the Ontario Student Record (OSR). A student applying to university or college may request to have a registration letter, midterm report, and final report sent to any post-secondary institution, the OUAC, or OCAS. Students must email our administration team to let them know when and where the documents are required by completing the Post-Secondary Institution Communication Request Form.

Why would a student take a summer course with VHS?

To Work Ahead

Students may take the summer to complete one or more Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits that they have never taken before. Students may choose to do this for a few reasons: to free up their timetables for the upcoming school year, to avoid timetable conflicts, or to study a course that is unavailable elsewhere. When a student finishes a course, VHS will send a copy of the final report card to the student's main school of registration where the credit will be added to the student�s Ontario Student Transcript (OST).

To Repeat a Failed Course

A student from any school may take or retake courses through Virtual High School in order to earn credits. Because VHS is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the credits will count towards the student�s OSSD. A student who is unsuccessful in a course at another school may enrol in the same course at VHS (if the course is offered) in order to attempt to earn the credit.

To Upgrade a Mark

A student may enrol in a Virtual High School course to upgrade a mark. Students can do so by enroling in the regular version of the course or, if eligible, the upgrade version. VHS has a number of courses in which students may enrol for the purpose of upgrading a mark. Eligible students will have achieved a minimum final grade of 50% in the same course in the previous 12 months. Students move through upgrade courses at their own pace, often more quickly than students taking courses for the first time. A student may start any VHS course on any day of the year, work at a speed they find suitable, and write their final exam on the day of their choosing. Learn more about upgrade courses.

To Reach Ahead

An elementary school student may reach ahead and take high school credits before graduating from elementary school. This may occur only after Virtual High School consults with the student, the student�s parents or guardians, and the principal of the student�s elementary school. VHS evaluates the student's likelihood of meeting the expectations of the high school course and is responsible for issuing the credit. Copies of the reach ahead student�s midterm and final report cards will be sent to the student�s main school of registration as they enter Grade 9 to ensure that the credit is included on the student�s transcript and counts towards their OSSD. Students who complete Grade 8 in June are considered high school students and may then register for any course as such. Learn more about the Reach Ahead program.