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Your Summer School Option

Need to earn a credit this summer? Virtual High School (VHS) offers quality Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit courses, and we are here to help you reach your goals. Many summer students enrol at Virtual High School to upgrade marks, retake failed courses, or work ahead during summer break.

Summer is a busy time, and we believe that education should be flexible. That's why you can register for VHS courses anytime, study anywhere, and work at your own pace. Let us adapt to your summer plans!

Fast track courses are a great option for students who need to meet an external deadline. Visit the Fast Track Courses page to learn more.

Why take a summer course with VHS?

Upgrade Mark

Many summer students register with VHS to upgrade a mark by repeating a course. We offer repeat versions of several of our standard courses. Repeat courses have a reduced assessment workload and can be completed more quickly. You can also enrol for any of our standard courses to upgrade a mark. Be sure to review the upgrade/repeat course information and eligibility requirements before registering for a repeat course.

Retake a Failed Course

Some students enrol with VHS to earn an OSSD credit course in which they were previously unsuccessful.

Work Ahead

Students also take summer courses with VHS to free up their timetable for the upcoming school year, to avoid timetable conflicts, or to earn a credit not available anywhere else.

Reach Ahead

Grade 8 students, or students who have recently completed Grade 8, sometimes choose to earn OSSD credits with VHS before they begin secondary school. Be sure to review the reach ahead program eligibility and consultation requirements before registering.