Upgrade/Repeat Courses

Repeat (or upgrade) courses are intended for students who wish to improve their grades in courses that they have already successfully completed. These courses contain similar course content to the course previously studied and result in students earning the same Ontario (OSSD) credits they originally achieved. The only difference between the standard version and the repeat version of the course is in the assessment workload. Repeat courses have a condensed assessment workload (fewer or shorter assessments), which may allow students to progress through the course at a faster pace.

Who is eligible to take a repeat course?

To be eligible for a repeat course, the student must have completed the same OSSD course before and earned a final grade of at least 50%. A student who registers for a repeat course must send a copy of their final report card, transcript, or credit counselling summary sheet to VHS as proof of their successful completion of the course. Such documentation should be sent to Prerequisite@VirtualHighSchool.com.

What repeat courses are offered?

Grade 11

  • ENG3U, English, 11, University Preparation
  • MCR3U, Functions, 11, University Preparation
  • SBI3U, Biology, 11, University Preparation
  • SCH3U, Chemistry, 11, University Preparation
  • SPH3U, Physics, 11, University Preparation

Grade 12

  • ENG4U, English, 12, University Preparation
  • MCV4U, Calculus and Vectors, 12, University Preparation
  • MDM4U, Mathematics for Data Management, 12, University Preparation
  • MHF4U, Advanced Functions, 12, University Preparation
  • SBI4U, Biology, 12, University Preparation
  • SCH4U, Chemistry, 12, University Preparation
  • SPH4U, Physics, 12, University Preparation

Why would a student complete a repeat course?

Students may complete repeat courses to upgrade their marks for various reasons, including the following:

  • University or college admissions
  • Attaining a certain overall grade average
  • Achieving personal goals
  • Meeting Ontario Scholar or scholarship requirements

How long does a repeat course take?

All Virtual High School courses are completed at the student's chosen pace within VHS's 18-month time limit.

How will a repeat course appear on the Ontario Student Transcript (OST)?

In Grades 11 and 12, both attempts appear on the transcript along with the final grades achieved; however, only one credit is awarded. The attempt receiving the higher grade will be granted the credit. The attempt receiving the lower grade will have an R recorded in the Credit column on the OST, indicating that the student repeated the course and the percentage grade given for this attempt is the lower grade.

Note: While VHS does not offer repeat courses in Grades 9 and 10, students may still choose to repeat a Grade 9 or 10 course. If a student repeats a Grade 9 or 10 course, only the attempt which received the higher grade will appear on the transcript. The attempt receiving the lower grade will not be recorded on the OST.

How does a student register for a repeat course?

Go to the Register page and click on the Register link beside the course you are interested in taking. Ensure that you have selected the upgrade/repeat version of the course.