Upgrade Credit Course

  • What is an upgrade credit course?

    If you succcessfully completed a course in the past 12 months and you wish to retake it in order to improve your mark then VHS calls this course an upgrade credit course. It is the same course that you took in your school. It covers the same Ministry expectations as your course. However, you should be able to proceed through the course much faster than the first time around.

  • Why would a student repeat a course?

    Repeating a course allows the student, who did not meet the level of success they desired in the course, to have a second chance to reach the level of achievement they desire. The student may need to improve the course mark in order to move to the next level of study or to meet their post-secondary education entrance requirements.

  • Do these repeated courses go by other names?

    A repeated course in Ontario goes by many names, depending upon the school or school board - summer school course, repeat credit course, credit rescue, upgrade credit course, improvement credit course, credit reinforcement course, credit revival course and make-up credit course, to name a few. VHS refers to them as Upgrade Credit Courses

  • What is the nature of an upgrade credit course?

    An upgrade credit course is exactly the same as a regular credit course. The instruction is the same. The curriculum expectations to be met are the same. The assessment and evaluation is slightly different. The credit issued is the same.

  • What requirements make a student eligible for an upgrade credit course?

    The student must have completed the OSSD credit and attained a mark of at least 50%. The student must have completed the final summative evaluation, usually a final exam, in the course within the past 12 months.

  • Can a student who dropped the course take the course as an upgrade credit course?


  • How long does it take to take the course as an upgrade credit course?

    All students can move through their courses at VHS at their own pace. Obviously, if the student took the course before and is now repeating the same course, then that student should be able to move through this course faster than the first time.

  • If a student completed the equivalent course in another province or country, are they eligible to take an upgrade credit course at VHS?


  • What is the credit value of the upgrade credit course?

    The credit value of the repeated course is exactly the same as the regular credit course.

  • How will the repeated course appear on the Ontario Student Transcript (OST)?

    In Grades 9 and 10, only the credit with the higher mark appears on the transcript. There will be no evidence on the transcript that the student took the course a second time. In Grades 11 and 12, both courses appear on the transcript. Both courses have their marks placed in the percentage columns but the course with the lower mark has an "R" in the "Credit" column, instead of the credit value, indicating that the student has repeated the course and that the percentage grade given for this attempt is the lower grade. These full disclosure rules from the Ministry of Education are followed by all Ontario schools.

  • Can a student who has already passed a course take an upgrade credit course in order to improve their grade?

    Yes, of course! These are the only students allowed to take upgrade credit courses. All other students must take the full credit course.

  • How does a student register for an upgrade credit course?

    Just go to the Register page and click on the “Register” link opposite the course you wish to register to retake. MCV4U, MHF4U, SBI4U, SCH4U, SPH4U, and ENG4U courses have a verson called upgrade credit course.

  • How does the student prove to VHS that they have successfully completed the course before?

    After registration, simply send VHS a copy of your report card, transcript, or credit counselling summary sheet showing that you have completed the course before.

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