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Why Virtual High School?

Our flexible model allows students to

  • Repeat courses to improve final grades
  • Take courses that do not fit into their timetables or are not offered at their current schools
  • Accelerate through high school
  • Complete prerequisites for other secondary school courses or post-secondary programs
  • Travel or participate in extracurricular activities while continuing to work toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Earn their OSSD as an international student, or while living in another province

The VHS Difference

We Are Student-Centered

  • We aim to provide the best education possible via the internet to our students.
  • We aim to provide excellent course content for our students.
  • We aim to present this content in an engaging manner for our students.
  • We aim to present our students with purposeful assessments and evaluations in each course.
  • We aim to provide our students with professional and effective teachers.

We Are Supportive

  • VHS provides each student with access to free online tutoring.
  • A fully qualified teacher works with students in each course. Our teachers are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers or its equivalent. Teachers are trained to teach in an online environment and are available to assist students throughout the course.
  • Our students receive individualized attention from their teachers.
  • Our teachers respond to emails daily.
  • All assessment feedback and marks are returned to the student within 5 days in our standard course offerings, and within 2 days in our fast track course offerings.
  • Our administrative team is available weekdays via telephone, email, or live chat to answer any questions about enrolment, reporting, exams, prerequisites, or any other administrative items.

We Are Professional

  • Our courses are written and developed by professional educators.
  • Each course follows the standards and curricula set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students earn an OSSD credit upon successful completion of a course.
  • Our courses feature professional animations, videos, visuals, auditory devices, and more for enhanced virtual learning.
  • Our courses offer a wide variety of assessments and evaluations.
  • Students are provided with a secure, individual email account that allows them to communicate with their teachers and the VHS team.

We Are Flexible

  • Students are given 18 months to complete each course.
  • Students move through lessons entirely at their own pace.
  • Students can work on their courses at any hour of any day.
  • Students have the freedom to set their own deadlines and due dates.
  • Students choose the order in which they move through course content.
  • Students decide when they come to school, how much time to spend on their course work each day, when to submit assignments, when to write unit tests, and even where and when they write their final exams.  Students are able to take extra time to review concepts, when needed, or work through a course quickly to meet a personal goal or post-secondary requirement.

We Are Innovative

  • VHS courses are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Course content is housed in the BrightspaceTM learning environment by D2LTM.
  • Textbooks are not required as all content is online.*
  • Assessments are submitted instantly to the online dropbox through BrightspaceTM. No mailing is required.
  • Quizzes, tests, and the final exam are completed online.
  • All feedback and interaction with teachers or other students occurs within the secure learning environment.
  • Our courses offer innovative content that is updated regularly.
  • Our interactive exercises provide students with opportunities to self-evaluate their progress and aptitudes.
  • Our model requires that students take personal responsibility for managing their own education, in addition to furthering the development of their own digital skills.
  • The VHS experience instills independence, maturity, and self-motivation—invaluable skills that benefit our students in their further studies and employment.

*Students may be required to borrow or purchase a novel for English courses. Used texts or similar copies are readily available from used bookstores and libraries.