Every student encounters different challenges while striving to get into the post-secondary school of their choice or earn their OSSD. Virtual High School’s understanding of this resulted in their fundamental practice of offering self-paced, flexible—anywhere, anytime—OSSD credit courses.

One significant challenge students encounter is that they need to earn a credit quickly. When this happens, sometimes there are not many options, but now VHS is offering a faster way to maximize your success in minimal time: fast track courses.

Fast track courses guarantee faster turnaround on assignment grading to help students meet their goals. Students will receive assignment feedback in 2 days or less, and teachers will respond to emails in 1 day or less. By reducing the time between submitting an assessment and receiving feedback, students can move through the course quickly while still utilizing and implementing teacher feedback. Similarly, the 1 day or less teacher response to student questions and inquiries means students get the information they need to move through the course at their desired pace.

Fast track courses are designed to allow students to move more quickly through their work with all the feedback they need to succeed, since these courses guarantee teachers will provide assessment feedback in 2 days or less. Beyond feedback, students need responses to questions quickly to progress rapidly through their courses. This is why fast track courses also guarantee responses to students inquires in 1 day or less.

Registration for a fast track course is $150 more than the standard version, which includes the fantastic services already offered, such as free online tutoring, with the added guarantee of faster teacher responses on assessments and questions. There are only a limited number of fast track courses offered at this time, but courses are available in all departments.

For additional details regarding fast track courses, visit the Fast Track Courses page on our website.