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Looking for some extra help with those steep college and university price tags? Check out our new scholarship! Named after one of Virtual High School’s most dedicated teachers, the Sommerville Scholarship was designed to assist students pursuing post-secondary studies in history, geography, economics, or politics with tuition and expenses. Awarded annually, the scholarship is valued … Read More

We know that planning your post-secondary education can be stressful, so we want to arm you with as much information about your options as possible. That’s why for the past three years, we’ve invited colleges and universities to the VHS office to chat about admissions, programs, student life, and the unique opportunities they offer to … Read More

The transition from high school to college or university can be daunting. Some students struggle to adapt to different teaching styles and new academic responsibilities. Online learning in high school can ease this transition by helping students to develop important skills such as personal responsibility, effective study habits, and the ability to overcome academic challenges. … Read More

There are times at VHS when certain aspects of the course do not match student expectations. When this happens, VHS receives complaints from both students and parents – and rightly so. We want to know when things are not proceeding smoothly, so we can fix it. We facilitate the complaint process by proving a helpdesk … Read More