Ms. Robar’s dog, Bing (left), and the view from her dock (right).

Joanne Robar has been a member of the Virtual High School (VHS) and Virtual Elementary School (VES) teams since July of 2017. Ms. Robar has been teaching for 24 years in a wide variety of spaces and places. In addition to her work at VHS and VES, she is currently a Learning Resource Teacher at the intermediate/middle school level:

Ms. Robar
Ms. Robar

“I feel lucky to be able to be an advocate for the learning needs of my students. I believe that, given the correct tools and opportunities, all students can be successful in school. Learning can happen in so many different ways, and online learning provides an important opportunity to students for whom ‘traditional’ schooling may not be the best fit.”

Ms. Robar currently teaches grade 5 Language with VES and grade 11 Philosophy courses with VHS (HZB3M and HZT4U). She has enjoyed this opportunity and has found that online learning is a fantastic way to connect and learn with amazing students from all over the world.

When she’s not teaching, she loves to explore and learn. She enjoys spending time sitting on the dock at her cottage watching the Northern Ontario sunsets and star-gazing. She also enjoys listening to good music while cooking dinner or baking bread for her family and friends. She makes time to read every day and loves fiction in the mystery and thriller genres. She is also learning how to become more of a do-it-yourselfer by reading books about gardening, herbs, and refinishing furniture!

Her favourite place to be is outdoors where she takes advantage of every chance she gets to go exploring. She enjoys taking her dog, Bing, along with her when she hikes, swims, canoes, snowshoes, and skis. Ms. Robar is passionate about the well-being and care of animals, and has 3 rescue pets – Bing, Ted, and Willow – who make her smile and laugh every day. 

Ms. Robar comments on her work with VHS and VES:

“Thank you so much to the VHS and VES communities – both students and staff – for the opportunity to join you in this wonderful learning journey. I’m looking forward to continuing to support, encourage, and grow as a member of your team!”

Thank you, Ms. Robar!