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To All Students Seeking a Quality Education: You can attend Virtual High School from anywhere.

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International Students

Welcome to the Virtual High School website. We are pleased that you are considering joining our school in order to take courses leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). We expect around 6000 students in 2018, so you will not be alone. Please read the information below. We look forward to receiving an application from you.

Studying in Canada

An International Student does not require a study permit in order to take online courses at Virtual High School. However, if you plan on physically entering Canada in order to study in Canada, you may need a study permit, and/or a temporary resident visa. However, not everyone coming to Canada to study requires a study permit. For example, you do not require a study permit to go to school in Canada if you wish to study in a short-term course or program that lasts six months or less. Contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada if you wish to explore study permits in more detail. Again, you do not need a study permit to take an online course with Virtual High School.

Ontario Student Record (OSR) for the International Student

In Canada, the 10 provinces and 3 territories have jurisdiction over education. In order for any student to take an online course with Virtual High School, an Ontario Student Record (OSR) must either exist or be established. The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is a physical file folder containing the official school records for every student registered in a school in Ontario. The OSR contains such documents as credit transcripts, community service records, Ontario literacy records, report cards, IEPs, PLARs and other information important belonging to the student. Virtual High School does not charge any fees to open an OSR. If you are an International Student and you wish to take a course or courses at Virtual High School then you will need to establish an OSR. What will we need from the international student to open the OSR?

  1. Identification

    The student will need to send proof of identification. Forward your picture ID (passport, driver's license, etc.) to VHS in one of the three following ways: (1) fax (1-519-565-4100) or (2) attach to an email addressed to your Guidance Coordinator or (3) mail to Virtual High School / PO BOX 402 / 27 Main Street N / Bayfield, Ontario / Canada N0M1G0

  2. Official International Transcripts

    When taking a Grade 10 or higher course at Virtual High School, we will need a copy of your official transcript. We need this transcript to ensure you have met the spirit of the prerequisite course requirement. Forward your official transcript to VHS in one of the three following ways: (1) fax (1-519-565-4100) or (2) attach to an email to your Guidance Coordinator or (3) mail to Virtual High School / PO Box 402 / 27 Main Street N / Bayfield, Ontario / Canada N0M1G0

    If your transcript is not in English, then you must submit an English translation of your transcript along with the original transcript. Many issuing schools may be able to translate your transcript into English. If the issuing school is unable to issue your official transcript in English, you can submit your transcripts to a translation service such as: (1) Worldwide Educational Service (http://www.wes.org), or (2) International Education Research Foundation (http://www.ierf.org/)

  3. English Requirement

    All courses at Virtual High School are delivered in English. Proficiency in English is a requirement for attendance at Virtual High School. If you have been attending school in the United States or a foreign school in which the primary language of instruction has been English, you are exempted from demonstrating your proficiency in English.

What is Virtual High School?

Located in Bayfield, Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron, one of the largest Great Lakes in the world, Virtual High School provides Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) courses to all students seeking a quality secondary school education.

Virtual High School is one of the largest online private high schools in Canada and its 70 fully online courses are now available to all students. VHS is inspected by the Ministry of Education in Ontario. VHS is an accredited private school. VHS grants OSSD credits leading to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. VHS has been issued the BSID# 665681 by the Ministry of Education in Ontario. The OSSD credits and the diploma are recognized and accepted by all universities in Ontario, Canada, and the rest of the world.

A student wishing to obtain an OSSD requires 30 academic credits to graduate. VHS school officials will review the student's school transcript in order to translate the academic history of the student into Ontario school credits following the guidelines in Appendix 2 of OS, 2011. Upon the establishment of equivalent credits, VHS will then determine the credits required in order for the student to receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In addition to the 30 credits, the students must complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test as well as serve 40 hours of unpaid community service in the student's home community.

Why is Virtual High School a good choice for international students?

VHS teachers
All of the VHS teachers are listed at our Educators webpage so you can read about their academic standing, experience and education philosophy. The teachers are the most important asset of any school and should be one of the first aspects checked by any potential student.
VHS support
All of the VHS admin staff are listed at our Contact webpage with their phone number and email address to enable students to contact the appropriate person directly if there are problems while registered within our courses. Our administration staff have many years of experience as teachers and administrators in the public and private education systems.
VHS courses
While various online schools have sprung up in the past few years, many require the student to purchase expensive textbooks. Quite often assignments are submitted in paper form. Often exams are also written in paper form.  In contrast, at VHS, the content within all of our courses has been written by teachers and is fully online so that the student does not require a textbook. VHS online courses are interactive, motivating and highly engaging.
At VHS we use the Desire2Learn Learning Management System to present the courses to the student. This LMS provides a host of tools to the student to make their learning more effective and thus their school experience more enjoyable: email, DropBox, BlogTool, ePortfolio, GradeBook, Discussion Boards, Quizzing Engine, etc.
The schedule
There is no set schedule for VHS students. Students start the day they register, move through at their own pace and exit from their course at any day. The only restriction on the student is that they must complete the course within 18 months. VHS is open 365 days a year.
Our fees are clearly laid out in the chart of tuition fees. Tuition is highly competitive and is usually the only fee paid by the student for the course. International students and Canadian national students pay the same tuition fee as Ontario students. All students register for their courses online from our website at the Register page.