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International Students

To all students seeking a quality education: You can attend Virtual High School from anywhere! Students from all over the world choose Virtual High School as they work towards earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The OSSD is recognized by universities and colleges around the world.

Am I an International Student?

At VHS, students are considered international students if they are neither Canadian citizens nor permanently residing in Canada. If you are registering from an address outside of Canada and are (1) a Canadian Citizen, (2) have a permanent residence in Canada, or (3) are attending a Canadian International School that studies the Ontario curriculum, please be sure to contact our office before proceeding to register to ensure the appropriate course fee is applied.

Studying with VHS

An international student does not require a study permit in order to take online courses at Virtual High School. However, if you plan to physically enter Canada in order to study, you may need a specific visa or permit. Please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information on entrance and residency permits and visas.

Ontario Student Record (OSR) for the International Student

In Canada, the 10 provinces and three territories have jurisdiction over education. An Ontario Student Record (OSR) must exist for every student registered in a school in Ontario. In order for any student to take an online course with Virtual High School, an OSR must either exist or be established. The OSR is a physical file folder containing all official school records for a student, such as transcripts, community service records, Ontario literacy records, report cards, IEPs, PLARs, and other important information pertaining to the student´┐Żs education. Virtual High School does not charge any fees to establish an OSR. In order to establish the OSR, VHS requires that the student provide the following documentation:

  1. Identification

    The student must forward a copy of their government-issued ID to VHS. Acceptable examples include passport, driver's licence, or birth certificate. Identification must be provided in the English or French language, or be accompanied by a notarized English translation. ID may be sent to VHS in one of the three following ways: (1) fax (1-519-565-4100), (2) email addressed to the appropriate guidance coordinator, or (3) mail to

    Virtual High School
    27 Main Street North, Box 402
    Bayfield, Ontario
    Canada N0M 1G0

  2. Official International Transcripts

    When taking a course that requires a prerequisite, Virtual High School requires a copy of the student's official transcript to prove he or she has met the equivalent of the prerequisite course requirement. The student must forward his or her official transcript to VHS in one of the three following ways: (1) fax (1-519-565-4100), (2) email addressed to the appropriate guidance coordinator, or (3) mail to

    Virtual High School
    27 Main Street North, Box 402
    Bayfield, Ontario
    Canada N0M 1G0

    If the student’s transcript is not written in English, an English translation of the transcript along with the original must be submitted to Virtual High School. Many issuing schools may be able to translate the transcript into English upon request. If the issuing school is unable to issue an official transcript in English, a student may submit the transcripts to a translation service such as the World Education Services or the International Education Research Foundation.

  3. English Requirement

    All courses at Virtual High School are delivered in English. Proficiency in English is a requirement of all students who take courses with Virtual High School. Students may be required to complete the English Language Placement Assessment in order to determine their level of English language competency.

What Is Virtual High School?

Located in Bayfield, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Huron, the second largest of the Great Lakes, Virtual High School provides Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit courses to all students seeking a quality secondary school education.

Virtual High School is one of the largest online private high schools in Canada, and its many online courses are available to all students. VHS is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and has been issued the BSID# 665681. OSSD credits and diplomas are recognized and accepted by post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world.

A student wishing to obtain their OSSD must earn 30 academic credits to graduate. VHS school officials will review the student's school transcript in order to translate the academic history of the student into Ontario school credits following the guidelines outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education in Appendix 2 of Ontario Schools, 2016. Once VHS has established that equivalent credits have been achieved by the student, VHS will then determine the number of outstanding credits required in order for the student to receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In addition to the credit requirements, students must satisfy the provincial literacy and community involvement requirements.

Why Is Virtual High School a Good Choice for International Students?


    • VHS provides each student with free online tutoring.
    • Each course has a qualified teacher, certified by the Ontario College of Teachers or equivalent. Teachers will be available to assist students throughout the course.


    • Our courses are written and developed by professional educators.
    • Each course follows the standards and curricula set out by the Ministry of Education in Ontario.


    • Students are allowed 18 months in which to complete each course and move through at entirely their own pace.
    • Students have the ability to work on their courses at any hour of any day.
    • Students have the freedom to create their own deadlines and due dates.


    • All online course content exists in the BrightspaceTM learning environment by D2LTM. Textbooks are not required, as all content is online.
    • All assessments are submitted online. Quizzes, tests, and the final exam are completed online.
    • All feedback and interactions with teachers or other students occur within the secure learning environment.

Learn more about why students choose VHS.

International Tuition Fees

Our variable tuition rates take into account the service costs associated with communicating with students from outside of Canada and allows us to ensure that we are able to continue providing high-quality support to all of our students. The international student fee is calculated by adding $150 to the tuition fee listed on the registration page