Prerequisite Courses

A prerequisite course prepares students for further studies and ensures they have the prior knowledge to be successful in subsequent work. Such prerequisite work must be completed before the student can enroll in the course that follows. For example, with Chemistry courses, students must complete SCH3U before they can begin SCH4U. Note, however, that not all courses require a prerequisite. These courses are identified in Ministry curriculum policy documents and are also provided on each course outline – see the list of Courses.

When you register for a VHS course, you will be required to submit a copy (scan or image) of original documentation such as an Ontario Student Transcript (OST), final report card, or credit counselling summary, to show that you meet the course prerequisite. Please note that screen shots of online portals from other schools, OUAC/OCAS, Career Cruising, or the like, cannot be accepted as prerequisite evidence.

Prerequisite Waivers

A student may have completed a similar course in another province or country, be a mature student, or have already completed a high school diploma, and hence, may not have the appropriate prerequisite. If a student wishes to take a course with us but does not directly meet the prerequisite (i.e. the student does not have the exact Ontario course code), he or she may be eligible for a prerequisite waiver

Students wishing to apply to have their prerequisite waived should complete a Prerequisite Waiver Application and return it, along with all supporting documentation, to their Guidance Coordinator. The prerequisite application should be completed prior to registering for a course.

Prerequisite waivers may be considered under, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

  • An individual is changing programs at a post-secondary institution.
  • A graduated student is applying to university and did not take the appropriate courses in high school.
  • A homeschooled student wishes to earn OSSD credits.
  • An individual has been in the workforce for some time, plans to attend post-secondary education, and is required to complete certain courses for admission.
  • An individual in the workforce requires a course to apply for a new position and does not have the prerequisite.
  • A student from another province/country requires the prerequisites for post-secondary education and is unable to take the course(s) within his or her province/country.